Choosing the Right Mouth Night Guard

March 1, 2022

First of all, I congratulate you for choosing to deal with your clenching or teeth grinding habits. If you choose a nightguard in Stafford, VA, you must have several symptoms that compel you to do so. However, one can also get a nightguard for non-medical purposes, like if they are involved in sports.

Mostly, nightguards serve the purpose of protecting your teeth against the harmful grinding and tooth clenching effects. They are made using soft yet durable materials. For some types, the material is skillfully crafted to fit over your teeth comfortably. This prevents teeth from grinding.

You can opt for a nightguard to manage the following symptoms.

  • Sensitive and irritating gums
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Painful and irritating cheekbones and jaw
  • Headaches and ear pain.
  • Popping /Locking jaw.

Factors to Consider for the Right Nightguard.

Many factors come into play when choosing the right mouthguard for your problem. Some people naively consider price as the sole determinant, and they end up with a useless mouthguard that won’t even fulfill the purpose for which it was purchased. Visit the James E. Lupi DDS today for the best advice of mouthguards for bruxism.

Here are the factors to consider:


This is especially when getting custom mouthguards. You have to consider the thickness of the material, its strength, and its elasticity. Ensure it’s the right product you need. Different materials are best suited for specific problems.

When getting a nightguard in Stafford, you want it to fit comfortably and atop all, effectively protect the tooth enamel. Two factors that determine how comfortable and effective your mouthguard will include the material type and thickness.

The material affects your mouthguard’s feel against the teeth, while the thickness f the mouth determines the feeling of bulk inside the mouth. Combining both of these factors, you can quickly determine how comfortable your mouthguard will be.

Below is a quick rundown regarding the different versions of mouthguards in our office.

  • The Soft

This is by far the most comfortable nightguard near you. The rubber-like EVA material used is soft and elastic and measure up to 3mm. The flexibility and softness enhance cushioning in the mouth, making it perfect for light teeth grinding and for people with sensitive teeth.

However, they are not as durable, especially if you engage in a lot of chewing. In this case, we recommend a hard or hybrid type.

  • The Hybrid

It’s a unique material that combines acrylic in the outer layer and EVA rubber to make the inner side soft and cushioned. They measure approximately 3mm thick, and the outside is hard and protective against the effects of grinding on the teeth.

Hybrid balances both comfort ad durability. For these properties, we recommend it for people who started suffering bruxism quite recently.

  • Hard

Hard material mouthguard contains a sturdy acrylic that’s moderately thick for increased durability and protection against abrasive effects of excess bruxism. When making custom mouthguards, dentists mostly make this type of mouthguard.

This type is excellent for heavy grinders and clenchers who never stop grinding with their nightguards on. Still, they can feel tight and uncomfortable due to the materials. It also depends on the individual user.

  • Retainer Nightguard

This nightguard in Stafford, VA, protects your teeth against grinding and clenching effects while still preventing teeth from shifting. The materials used are dense copolyester, 1.5mm thick, allowing it to perform retainers and mouthguards duties.

The material is sturdy and can withstand moderate grinding, and is also perfect for maintaining a smile after any orthodontic work.

A retainer night guard near you feels similar to a hard night guard but is thinner hence more comfortable. It’s also an excellent alternative to wire retainers, as it’s clear and transparent.


  • Daytime Bruxism

Tooth clenching that spans throughout the better part of the day is best treated using a lightweight mouthguard. It has to be ultra-thin and almost invisible and made using an acrylic of 2.5mm in thickness. A thin mouthguard also makes it easy to speak and eat while still wearing them. Such mouthguards have a lifespan of about two years.

  • Moderate Bruxism

For mild tooth grinding, the best mouthguard for you is a custom hybrid mouthguard. This can measure2-3mm in thickness, and when made from acrylic, it should last for about three years. It has an inside part with soft cushioning. The exterior of the mouthguard is plastic made for long-lasting protection.

  • Extreme Bruxism

When you exhibit excessive tooth grinding and clenching, you will need a 2-3 mm thick mouthguard. They should be made more robust to last for a maximum of five years. Mouthguards for extreme bruxism are the most expensive and can effectively shield the tooth enamel.

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