Everything You Need to Know about Wax for Braces

You need wax for braces for several reasons. Do you know what those reasons are? If not, read this article from Lupi Orthodontics.

February 23, 2023

Everything You Need to Know about Wax for Braces

Ah... it's braceface time. Whether you’re an adult with braces or your child is getting them, I'm sure, either way, you're super excited for the end result of perfectly straight teeth. However, the time it takes to get there also means time for mouth sensitivity, soreness and the occasional metal-on-metal grinding. For comfort and protection against irritation, you may want to add wax to your arsenal of orthodontic supplies.


In this article, we'll take a look at what exactly wax for braces is and how it can help make life with braces a bit more comfortable. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about braces wax.


What is the Wax for Braces?

Wax for braces is made from beeswax, paraffin, or other materials. It provides a protective coating over brackets and wires so that they don't rub on the soft tissues of your mouth as much when you eat or talk.


The wax also prevents food particles from getting stuck in the crevices of your braces, which can cause staining and bacteria buildup. It creates an even smoother surface for the brackets and wires to slide over, allowing them to do their job without causing you any discomfort.


Why Use Wax for Braces?

Knowing what braces wax is is simple enough. But why use wax for braces? Well, there are a few important reasons why wax is an integral part of any braces-wearer's toolkit:


  1. Wax for braces provides a layer of protection between your lips and cheeks and the metal parts of your braces. This can help reduce irritation from rubbing or grinding that you may experience when teeth shift with your braces treatment.


  1. Using braces wax can also make it easier to eat and speak while wearing them. It provides a smooth surface so that your food won't get stuck in the nooks and crannies of your brackets, and allows you to talk more easily without fear of cutting yourself on sharp edges.


  1. Wax for braces can also help keep your teeth clean. This is because wax helps prevent food particles from getting stuck between the brackets, reducing the risk of cavities and other bacteria buildup.


  1. Some people find that braces wax helps them feel more confident while wearing their braces. It provides a layer of protection and comfort to make life with braces a little bit easier.


Pros of Braces Wax

Some of the pros of wearing wax for braces include:


  • Reducing irritation and soreness caused by rubbing or grinding of the metal parts.
  • Making it easier to eat and speak while wearing braces.
  • Creating a smoother surface that helps prevent food from getting stuck in the brackets and wires.
  • Helping to reduce staining and bacteria buildup on your teeth.


Cons of Wax for Braces

The cons of using wax for braces are mostly minor, but worth noting:


  • Wax can be difficult to apply if you have small fingers or long nails.
  • If too much wax is used, it can cause gum irritation when eating or speaking.
  • Over time, braces wax may need to be reapplied. This may require extra trips to the orthodontist.


When to see an orthodontist

If you're experiencing any noticeable discomfort while wearing braces, it may be time to see an orthodontist. Orthodontists are trained to evaluate the cause of your discomfort and determine the best course of action. This may include extra wax or other treatments depending on what's causing the issue.


Your orthodontist can also help you find the right type and amount of wax for your braces, as well as show you how to apply it properly.


Braces Wax: How to Use

Using wax for braces is easy, but it's important to follow these steps carefully.


  1. Start by washing your hands and drying them completely before applying wax. This helps ensure that no bacteria or germs are transferred onto the wax when you're handling it.


  1. Take a small piece of wax (about pea-sized) and roll it between your fingers until it forms into a cylinder shape. The warmth from your hands will help soften the wax enough so that it can be easily shaped into a ball and molded around brackets or wires that may be causing discomfort in your mouth. 


  1. Place the softened wax directly onto the bracket or wire that's causing discomfort. Gently press the wax into place with your finger so that it has an even coverage and won't come off easily.


  1. To remove the wax, use your thumb and forefinger to pinch off a corner of it and slowly peel away from the surface. Don’t pull too hard! If some remnants remain, simply brush them away with your toothbrush.


Braces Wax: Price

Even the best wax for braces is relatively inexpensive and can be bought online or at most pharmacies and drugstores. A package of wax should cost no more than a few dollars, so it's a great investment to keep yourself comfortable while wearing braces.


Sometimes it's even included in your orthodontic treatment, and your orthodontist will provide you with some (but you may need to buy more if you require more than is given).


Where to Buy Orthodontic Wax

If your next Google search is going to be, “braces wax near me,” look no further than this article. We’re here to help! 


You can buy braces wax at Target. Other online stores that sell braces wax is Walmart or Amazon for your convenience.


It’s also worth checking with your orthodontist to see where to buy wax for braces from their office as well, which could save you time and money.


No matter where you choose to buy it, remember that braces wax is an essential part of any good orthodontic treatment plan and can help keep your smile looking great while keeping you comfortable throughout your treatment. With the right care, wearing braces will be a breeze!


If you're in the Chicago, Illinois, area and are in need of orthodontic care, schedule your smile assessment with Dr. Lupi Orthodontics. Our doctor, Dr. James Lupi, DDS, is a top orthodontist and Diamond Invisalign provider.

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